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1.1  (Index/

1.1.1 global %index_options  (Index/

1.1.2 global @line_index  (Index/

1.1.3 global %doc_options  (Index/

1.1.4 global $htmlfilename  (Index/

1.1.5 global $documentation  (Index/

1.1.6 sub perl_code_handler  (Index/

1.1.7 sub pod_handler  (Index/

1.1.8 sub comment_handler  (Index/

1.1.9 sub get_closest_line_anchor  (Index/

1.1.10 sub index_item_info  (Index/

1.1.11 sub set_current_line  (Index/

1.1.12 Literate Programming Automatic Documenter  (Index/ Option parsing  (Index/ File parsing and index generation  (Index/

1.1.13 Helper functions  (Index/ Handler function to print source code  (Index/ Handler function to print and format PerlPod code  (Index/ Handler function to print and format comments  (Index/ get the line anchor closest to the given line  (Index/ Function to add location info to index items.  (Index/ Function to create line anchors.  (Index/

1.1.14 Tool usage  (Index/ Commenting guidelines  (Index/ Command line usage  (Index/


1.3  (Index/

1.3.1 Perl search tool  (Index/

1.4  (Index/

1.5  (Index/

1.5.1 global $outputdirectory  (Index/

1.5.2 global $sourcedirectory  (Index/

1.5.3 global $format  (Index/

1.5.4 global $force  (Index/

1.5.5 global @rootdir  (Index/

1.5.6 global $stuff_was_copied  (Index/

1.5.7 sub wanted  (Index/

1.5.8 Recursive documentation generator  (Index/ Find filter that runs documenter if the file matches things we can use for  (Index/

1.5.9 NAME  (Index/

1.5.10 SYNOPSIS  (Index/

1.5.11 OPTIONS  (Index/

1.5.12 DESCRIPTION  (Index/

1.6  (Index/

1.6.1 global @linear_index  (Index/

1.6.2 sub by_idx  (Index/

1.6.3 sub recurse  (Index/

1.6.4 Static Index Generator  (Index/ Sorting comparator by index id  (Index/ Recursively process the index tree  (Index/

1.7.1  (Index/Test class MooseClass  (Index/Test method some_method  (Index/Test method not_necessary_to_show_code  (Index/Test method shown  (Index/Test Some class doing stuff in Perl  (Index/Test This method does cool things.  (Index/Test Hiding Source Code  (Index/Test

1.8.1  (Index/ package Tools::CommentSpecials  (Index/ sub markdown_specials  (Index/ global @ISA  (Index/ global @EXPORT_OK  (Index/ Process Special Comments within Markdown/Pod blocks  (Index/ Process special bits of markup  (Index/

1.8.2  (Index/ class Tools::NamedTree  (Index/ has 'name'  (Index/ method has_path  (Index/ method make_path  (Index/ method TO_JSON  (Index/ method FROM_JSON  (Index/ Tree with named nodes  (Index/ Check if a named path exists in this tree  (Index/ Make a child node with a given path (unless it already exists)  (Index/ Convert tree to JSON-compatible tree.  (Index/ restore parent links and blessings after serializing to JSON  (Index/

1.8.3  (Index/ class Tools::Output  (Index/ has 'result'  (Index/ method t  (Index/ method xt  (Index/ method hr  (Index/ method br  (Index/ method p  (Index/ method h  (Index/ method b  (Index/ method i  (Index/ method tt  (Index/ method x  (Index/ method a  (Index/ method l  (Index/ method style  (Index/ method code  (Index/ Abstraction class for outputting pretty-printed stuff  (Index/ Append text and other things to output  (Index/ Decorators  (Index/ Pretty-print code  (Index/

1.8.4  (Index/ package Tools::PerlIndex  (Index/ sub new  (Index/ sub splitPath  (Index/ sub getReferences  (Index/ sub getDependencies  (Index/ sub searchIdentifiers  (Index/ Perl Library Indexer  (Index/ Constructor  (Index/ Split a perl identifier name into a path, a file name and a declaration  (Index/ Get all references to an identifier  (Index/ Search find all module dependencies  (Index/ Search for identifiers using regular expressions  (Index/

1.8.5  (Index/ package Tools::PerlParser  (Index/ sub setHandler  (Index/ sub flushcurrent  (Index/ sub parse  (Index/ sub get_contents_tree  (Index/ sub declarations  (Index/ sub get_declarations  (Index/ sub get_ppi_document  (Index/ sub get_title_and_type  (Index/ sub get_documentation  (Index/ sub dump  (Index/ global $state  (Index/ global $current  (Index/ global $everything  (Index/ global $lineno  (Index/ global $last_lineno  (Index/ global $ppidoc  (Index/ global $countents_tree  (Index/ global $declarations_node  (Index/ global %handlers  (Index/ global $has_moose  (Index/ global $contents_tree  (Index/ Perl Parser   (Index/ Add a handler for a parser state.  (Index/ Function to write out parsed source code, comment or POD comments  (Index/ Main parser function  (Index/ Get a tree of significant content elements  (Index/ PPI::Find filter for declarations  (Index/ Get all method, class, package and variable declaration nodes  (Index/ Get the PPI Parser document  (Index/ Get the type and title of a PPI element  (Index/ Get the documentation directly preceding a PPI Element  (Index/

1.8.6  (Index/ class Tools::Tree  (Index/ has 'parent'  (Index/ has 'children'  (Index/ has 'value'  (Index/ method add_child  (Index/ method delete_children  (Index/ method add_child_node  (Index/ method traverse  (Index/ method traverse_update  (Index/ method TO_JSON  (Index/ method FROM_JSON  (Index/ Tree class  (Index/ add a child node  (Index/ remove all children with a certain value  (Index/ add a tree as a child node  (Index/ Traverse tree top to bottom  (Index/ Traverse tree top to bottom, passing the value by reference  (Index/ Convert tree to JSON-compatible tree.  (Index/ restore parent links and blessings after serializing to JSON  (Index/  (Index/ class Tools::Output::HTML  (Index/ method t  (Index/ method xt  (Index/ method hr  (Index/ method br  (Index/ method p  (Index/ method h  (Index/ method b  (Index/ method i  (Index/ method tt  (Index/ method x  (Index/ method a  (Index/ method l  (Index/ method style  (Index/ method code  (Index/ HTML Output Package  (Index/ Decorators  (Index/ Pretty-print code  (Index/  (Index/ package Tools::PerlParser::Declaration  (Index/ sub new  (Index/ sub is_declaration  (Index/ sub rename  (Index/ sub get_start_and_end_tokens  (Index/ global @moose_keywords  (Index/ Declaration class  (Index/ Constructor for a new declaration element  (Index/ Static: Check if a PPI node is a declaration  (Index/ Change the name of a declaration  (Index/ Get the starting location of the declaration  (Index/